My husband has been in the organic food and natural supplement industry for over 40 years.  He has a thorough knowledge of the top supplement manufacturers.

He knows which ones use the best processes to make their products and which ones use the best wholesome, organic ingredients.

The following is a list of some of the best supplement manufactures that my husband recommends. Note, they are not in any particular order. We do not recommend one over the other.

Note: You can find a list of products we recommend in our supplement store

Standard Process

Standard Process made the list as one of the best supplement manufacturers because they invest in robust research and development. Their scientists main focus is to provide a scientific basis for the safety and effectiveness of their supplements.

The source of high-quality raw materials used in their supplements come from their 420 acres of organic farmland in Wisconsin.

Standard Process products can only be purchased through a health care professional. We purchase ours through our local chiropractor.

I take that back! I just searched for some of their products on and they sell them. We recommend these Standard Process supplements:


Tuna Omega 3 Oil

Trace Minerals B12

Catalyn 360 Tabs. 

Natures Plus

The reason Natures Plus made the list as one of the best supplement manufactures is because of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Their facilities are FDA registered and NSF certified. They insure GMP standards and their research and development are ongoing. In addition, their supplements are based on solid, scientific findings. They even have a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee. The products we recommend are in our Supplement Store.

Pure Essence Labs

Pure Essence made the list as one of the best supplement manufacturers because they embraced the GMP standards and built their own quality assurance laboratory.

They test the raw materials of their suppliers to make sure they are using only the purest, safest and best quality ingredients available. If their tests do not validate what the supplier has stated on the Certificate of Analysis, Pure Essence Labs will find a new supplier. No compromises and no excuses. This is the Pure Essence promise. The products we recommend are in our Supplement Store.


GAIA made the list for one of the best supplement manufacturers because of the process they live by in their equation  “Purity + Integrity = Potency.” Their plants must meet or exceed their exacting standards for purity.

Crops are harvested at the peak of bioactivity and the crops key bioactive constituents are validated and verified in their laboratory. Their biologist personally inspects and analyzes each batch to confirm its identity and to make sure the plants were not damaged during shipment.

They also test to make sure there are no pesticides, heavy metals, chemical contaminants, salmonella, E. coli, mold, yeast or other microbial contaminants.  If the shipment fails to meet these standards, it is immediately destroyed.

GAIA use full-spectrum processing to maintain the integrity of each individual plant. The products we recommend are in our Supplement Store.

New Chapter

New Chapter is one of the best supplement manufacturers because they were the first company to produce a full line of whole food complexed vitamins and supplements certified with organic ingredients.

New Chapter is dedicated to scientific validation. They use modern science to guide them in the formulation of their products. Their scientific team consists of some of the world’s most respected scientists.

They do not source out all their ingredients. They grow some of the organic ingredients on their own biodynamic farm in Costa Rica. Their products that we recommend are in our hand selected Supplement Store

These are just a few of the best supplement manufactures that we recommend.  Other great manufacturers are Nordic Naturals, Life Extension, Herb Pharm, Solgar, Natural Factors, Jarrow, Twin Labs, Source Naturals, Natrol, Native Remedies and Doctor’s Best. You can link to them from our Hand Selected Supplement Store.

If you’re considering taking any herbal supplement as a treatment for anxiety, talk to your doctor first, especially if you take other medications. The interaction of some herbal supplements and certain medications can cause serious side effects.

If your anxiety is interfering with daily activities, talk with your doctor. More serious forms of anxiety generally need medical treatment or psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for symptoms to improve.