Earn $50 by joining Delta Community Credit Union today! I have been a member since 1987. It is a great credit union. When they first opened, only Delta Air Line employees were eligible. Now they have expanded it to our friends and family. Follow my Delta rewards Refer-A-Friend link to earn your $50 by claiming this offer today!

I have been a member of Delta Community Credit Union since 1987. It was originally owned by Delta Air Line employees. Several years ago they began expanding memberships to friends as well as to our families.

Now they are offering a rewards program that allows any friend that we refer the chance to earn $50 when they open up an account. I think this is a great credit union. Any time someone has tried to compromise my account, someone from  Delta Community Credit Union’s customer service department  called me immediately and advised me of what was happening.

When the Apple Store started deducting small amounts like .10 cents from my checking account over an over again, Delta Community Credit Union sided with me and deleted all of the charges from my account. They did not hesitate to solve this problem for me! They have been great to me!

I will never bank any where else! If you are in the market to open a checking or savings account with a credit union, you really should give Delta Community Credit Union a try. I promise, you will not be sorry you did! Join them and earn your $50 by claiming this offer today.  Delta Community Credit Union Refer-A-Friend Link