Bible Verses About Anxiety

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, turning to God in prayer brings immeasurable comfort.

I suggest Calming the Waves: Prayers for AnxietyFrom this link, you can click on the actual book and you can view the inside of the book to see the actual Bible verses about anxiety.

This prayer book is designed to help you find God’s peace when you are worried and stressed out. These prayers, devotionals and Bible verses about anxiety may be revisited as often as you need them.

Each prayer is based on inspiration from a hymn. Hymn lyrics are poetry put to music and are not only full of spiritual lessons but are also encouraging and uplifting.  Bible verses about anxiety matching the theme of the hymn are also included with each prayer.

For anyone who desires to come closer to God through prayer, these Christian meditations will minister to your heart and encourage you in your personal faith journey.

This is what some people are saying about these prayers, devotionals and Bible verses about anxiety :


Customer Reviews

By Kelly Carpo
I really like this book. The prayers and devotionals, I felt they were speaking to my heart. I’ve had anxiety attacks for many years but never though the troubles that were causing them were worth bothering God with. Now I understand He wants us to come to him for just such things. If you have anxiety and don’t know where to turn for answers I highly recommend this book.

By ChelseaN08
I like that this book is both a prayer book and a devotional all in one. The hymn quotes are beautiful. The topics that the author chose as themes for the prayers are topics we all can relate to – money worries, stress, feeling like we aren’t good enough, and so on. This is a very uplifting and encouraging book. It helped me to feel less worried and stressed. I will revisit this book whenever I feel worried or just need encouragement. Highly recommend this book.


By Victor
I thought the book was good, it was nice to start my day reminding me that God was with me and cared for me. I liked how the author used old hymns to also remind me of God’s love. The only thing I wish, is that she used more scripture verses, but it was still a good book and I looked forward to reading it every morning.


The devotions in this book will bring you to a place of peace and reverence that surpasses your understanding. You reflect on the absolute power and goodness of God and then your focus changes from anxious thought to love and praise of a loving father. Uplifting and encouraging, great read.


Sometimes in the midst of anxiety or panic you can’t find the words to pray, you can see the hope or good that is around you. This small prayer book will help you get started and help you focus on the truth of God’s word.

By Oak Tree

This is a great devotional, whether you are struggling with anxiety or just looking for another Christian devotional. The daily devos are a nice length and include relevant Bible passages. I especially liked Prayer Eight: My Safe Place of Peace.

You can find the book here .